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Many people are looking for relationships, love, marriage or just simply new friendships. This month there are several events that are will give you the chance to chat with Indian singles located across all parts of the world.

A good opportunity to meet and chat with Indian singles is at monthly hot-date speed events. These usually take place all across the world, mainly held in the bigger Cities. Hot-date speed events usually last for around 1 hour depending on the amount of people that attend. On arrival, those organizing the event will introduce you all and give you the chance to find yourself a seat. You will then spend 60 seconds speaking to each attendee. You are free to ask as little or as many questions as you wish. You will even get your own name badge so you don’t need to worry about remembering names! If you feel like you enjoyed chatting with certain singles then at the end of the night you can request their contact details. You can then start to arrange your next meet up.

Attending Indian festivals is a fun way to meet and chat with Indian singles. The Escape Festival of Music is popular amongst all ages. A selection of musicians, bands, writers, photographers, graffiti artist and painters will all be attending. There will even be some films shown. With such a huge variety and selection of things to do and see, there are sure to be many different singles out there! Although The Escape Festival has only been held for the last 4 years, it’s fast become one of India’s most popular events of the summer. Search ‘The Escape Festival of Music’ on Facebook for more information.

Indian food festivals are a fantastic way to meet new people. Held all over the world, there will be a food festival near you. Not only will you get to try new flavours or enjoy your favourite cuisine, food is a guaranteed conversation starter! You might even pick up some cooking tips and tricks along the way. Remember to check your local newspapers or look out for flyers to find the nearest Indian food festival.

Whether you decide to join your local hot-date speed night, attend one of the many Indian festivals worldwide or try something new at a food festival, there are lost of options when you’re looking to chat with Indian singles.

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