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Dating Indian men

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In the 21st century more people are choosing to date, have relationships and marry partners that have a different ethnicity. Amongst the many races, research indicates that dating Indian men has become particular popular. “Why?” you wonder. Well, firstly Indian men are extremely ambitious and driven when it comes to a career. You only have to read graduate statistics to understand that Indian men dominate a large proportion of engineering, doctoral and law related fields of employment. With a calendar full of various celebrations and events, dating Indian men is fun and enjoyable. Also, Indian men are known for their outrageously good looks, which is always a bonus. However, if you are not an Indian yourself, there are some things that you should be aware of before you start dating Indian men.

The number one rule when dating Indian men is to have a favourite of everything in mind. Whether it’s a favourite singer, film, filmmaker or language phrase, be sure to have something in mind for those typical dating questions.

The Indian film industry is booming and always a frequent conversation between friends, families and especially on dates! If you’re not entirely sure of any of the classics then Rajkumar Hirani’s “PK” is a fairly new and popular film. The film consists of a good mixture of comedy, drama, mystery and romance. I recommend you watch it before your first date; at least you will have some common ground in case there are any awkward silences.

If you are serious about dating Indian men, then you have to cook, or at least know about Indian food! All Indian men love their food! If you don’t feel confident in the kitchen then suggest going to eat out at an Indian restaurant instead. Ask your friends for recommendations or search for reviews online before you book a table. You don’t want bad food or a disappointing restaurant to be the topic of conversation during your first date. Whilst you’re at the restaurant, take a note of the menu if you can. If things work out you can always research some of the recipes for a later date!

When it comes to dating someone that speaks a different language, it’s important to make the effort to learn something. Your date will not expect you to speak like a native Indian speaker, but if you can learn a few phrases, you will definitely impress them. It’s a good idea to visit your local bookstore and pick up a tourist travellers book. They are usually full of helpful and practical simple phrases to get you started.

So remember, if you are hoping to starting dating Indian men, be prepared to answer questions about your favourite Indian things, learn about Indian food and try to remember a phrase or two! Search “How to date an Indian man’ on for more great advice about dating Indian men.

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